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Welcome to the Initial Issue of NEWS & VIEWS

from Med-Net Concepts, LLC.

We are pleased to introduce you to this first issue of NEWS & VIEWS, a newsletter from Med-Net Concepts, LLC and its affiliates. We plan to bring to your attention news items that will be of interest to you and your staff as you manage the daily operations of your departments. We will have both short items of interest, as well as more substantive articles to help your facility in its mission to provide high quality healthcare to your residents.

In this initial and future issues you will find information from the Med-Net independent affiliates including Med-Net Compliance, LLC, Med-Net Healthcare Consulting, LLC, Med-Net Rehabilitation Solutions, LLC, Med-Net Pharmacy Solutions, LLC, Med-Net IPA, LLC, Med-Net Healthcare Staffing, LLC, Med-Net Risk Management, LLC and Med-Net Savings, LLC. We hope you will find our newsletter interesting and helpful.